Town of Clyman Annual Meeting 2008 Minutes

Town of Clyman
Annual Meeting – April 8, 2008

Attendees: Mary Kreuziger, Jean Ross, Charlie and Lynn Zimmerman, Ann Blank, Vivian and Bernie Von Rueden, Barb and Marv Hanke, Caroline and Brad Bailey, Tim Zimmerman, Marjorie Gahlman, John Haase, Mike Thoma, Dave and Michelle DeCono, Ronnie Rettschlag, Rick Remmington, Jeff and Jean Kreuziger, Tim Huber, Wally Strauss, Jerome Haase, Ann and Pat Morrison, Amy Nehls, and Randy Nehls.

The annual meeting was called to order by Chairman Dave Blank at 7:00 PM with all board members present.

The minutes from the previous year had been handed out. Caroline Bailey pointed out that at the last annual meeting it was voted on that to get a half of a per diem the work would have to constitute one hour. The minutes should be corrected to reflect this. Motion by Gene Ross, seconded by Lynn Zimmerman to approve the minutes as corrected. Motion carried.

Dave went over what has been done in the last year such as buying the sound system and the board meeting times being changed to 7:00. Smart Growth was put off for another year because of the attorney fees that have been incurred. Cemetery signs have been put up but there are still problems at the Eagle Rd. Cemetery. The building renovation issue is still on-going with the Village.

Financial Statement – Chris Spilker explained that she did the financial statement based on how it was to be done according to the Town’s Association recommendation. She indicated that she broke down the General Government expenses more than what is actually recommended by the Town’s Association. Chris explained that some the town income was not included in the 2007 budget. She said next year this will be broken down more. Chris explained based on advice from the Town’s Association, if the people want a more detailed explanation, they should vote to have an audit done. Chris indicated that she is not required to do the tax roll reconciliation but she did include this. The total cash on hand for 2007 year end is $18,588.69 with an additional $53,934.14 in CD’s. Caroline questioned what the Board made and indicated that in the past year’s, Marilyn provided this information. Chris indicated that she does not have to do this. If Caroline wants this that is over and above what is required of the report. Caroline questioned if she could look at it and was advised by Dave that she should make a written request and then the figures will be provided. Motion by Gene Ross, seconded by Mary Kreuziger to approve the financial statement. Motion carried.

Recreational Donations – Boys and Girls Baseball – Mention was made about having these people come in person to ask for the money. Kris advised that there is approximately $2200 in savings. Wally Strauss made a motion to donate $200 each to the boys and girls. Seconded by Michelle DeCono. Motion carried. Senior Citizens – Motion by Marv Hanke, seconded by John Haase to donate $150. Motion carried. Santa – Amy Nehls gave a report on how it has grown over the last two years and how well it is received. She indicated that it was a good mix of town and village children. Motion by Lynn Zimmerman, seconded by Randy Nehls to approve a donation of $150. Motion carried.

Rabies Clinic – Dave gave a report on the Rabies Clinic and using Gentle Healer Vet Clinic from Watertown. The vet covered the cost of the tags and it didn’t cost the town anything except for Chris’s per diem for licensing the dogs.

Building Renovation – John Haase gave a report on their meetings with the architect. He indicated that they have drawings to expand to the north however the Village did not agree with those ideas. He indicated that until they get some more direction from the town residents, they are at a standstill as to what to do. Dave Blank reported that Tim Dornfeld indicated that he has spoke with Roedl from Beaver Dam and there would be no problem moving the pipes. Discussion on this issue. Gene Ross questioned about utilizing the fire drill site. Mary Kreuziger questioned about the town keeping their room and the fire department expanding to the north. Further discussion ensued. Dave Blank asked about whether to pursue the town paying for the renovation if the village will donate the land. Question raised about if the town is having a meeting and there is a bad fire where can the Fire Department go to clean up. Amy spoke how the village feels with regard to the fire department expanding and growing over the coming years. Discussion held on possible ways to renovate the building. Mention was made of the town going out on their own for a fire department. Discussion held on possibly getting numbers for building a department on the training site. Dave advised that Vickie Brugger advised him that grants are available to possibly put up a new building. Dave DeCono indicated that the department has been applying for equipment grants. John explained that Emmet has contacted Clyman to handle their fire calls but John indicated that Clyman does not have the man power to do this. John indicated that the department is about 50/50 with the village and town members. Amy explained that this is a land locked location and renovating might be good for 10 years but then what happens if they outgrow it. It was felt that a joint meeting be held with the two boards, and municipality residents and fire department. We will try to set up a joint meeting and hold it at the Lion’s Hall. We will try to set this up for sometime in June.

Snowplowing – Dave reported that he has received bids from two private companies – Mighty Excavating and Ztech in addition to the county bid. Mighty Excavating wants a 3-year contract. Ztech is asking for a 2-year contract. Mighty wants $920 per plowing and Ztech wants $925 per plowing. Discussion held about private contractors buying sand and salt. Discussion was also held on what we pay to the county now. Dave reported that he and Chris attended a meeting held by FEMA regarding recouping money on the snowfall held in February. We should be able to recoup about 87%. Discussion held on what the county would cost and how these private companies would handle the work load. With regard to the last storm Dave reported that he was advised by Chuck Barnhart from the county that they would not do dead end roads because of the ground being soft. Caroline suggested about asking people to take back their dead end roads. Randy Nehls advised that state statute does not allow for this. John Haase explained how the snowplowing came about with the county. Dave said that the county has been very accommodating to the town. Nancy Schlender indicated that she appreciates the job Dodge County is doing. Motion by Pat Morrison that we stay with the County for snowplowing, Seconded by Marv Hanke. Motion carried.

Dumpsters – Nancy reported that in June she got a quote from Waste Management about providing the town with a dumpster for a day. Veolia could have a 30 yard container here on a Saturday morning at a cost of $425. They also have a rear load truck at a cost of $90 per hour plus $40 per ton for a total of $515. Waste Management would not have one available on Saturdays. If we did it on a weekday, the cost would be $323.75. Nancy read a list of what is banned from the dumpsters. Amy advised that September 12 and 13 is Dodge County’s Clean Sweep Program. Motion by Michelle Decono to try Dumpster Day with Veolia in May, seconded by Mike Thoma. Discussion held as to where to place the dumpster and dates that it could be held. Discussion held as to how to get the word out to the people. Nancy will try to get dates of May 3 and May 10. Postcards will be sent out to the residents and it will be posted.

Chuck Burkholz gave a report on the website that is up and running. Residents gave ideas as to what they would like to see on the website such as zoning and fee schedules.

Dave mentioned about the CDBG housing grant that the Town will be applying for. This will be discussed further at the Board meeting. Dave also reported that the Town has received a TRIP road grant funding for Junction Road repair in the amount of $32,000.

Dave mentioned that people have contacted him about joint police powers with the Village. He mentioned that there are problems with Eagle Cemetery and on Bluff Road and vandalism to stop signs. Marv Hanke mentioned that if we go with our own department, we will incur liability and that the county response time is quicker than a local department. Discussion on this issue. Pat Morrison indicated that he grew up in a rural area and law enforcement was no deterrent. An estimate of the cost would be approximately $20,000. Motion by Randy Nehls, seconded by Brad Bailey to remain with the county. Dave will try to get them to patrol more often. Question asked about raising the fine to $1,000. We will check into that. Motion carried.

Combining the clerk/treasurer position – Dave indicated that the drawback to it is that we would have to be audited every year and the cost is approximately $3,500 per year. Kris explained the hours and time involved with the clerk and treasurer position and the difficulty there is with having no set hours and a place to have an office. Question raised as to what it would cost to combine the position. Caroline felt that if we went with county zoning much of the work would be eliminated. It was mentioned that once you go with county zoning, it is difficult to come back. Motion by Wally Strauss that we keep the clerk and treasurer positions separate. Seconded by Randy Nehls.

Board Salary Increases - Dave brought up increasing the salary of the clerk to $10,000, the Town Chairman to $2,000 per year plus per diems and the supervisors would be increased to $1,000 per year plus per diems. Dave read off what other area municipalities are making. Randy thought that pay raises should be discussed at a special meeting. Lynne Zimmerman felt that this was a special meeting where these issues could be discussed. Motion by John Haase, seconded by Jeff Kreuziger to raise the salaries as proposed by Dave. Question asked about how supervisors pay would be justified. Dave indicated that the supervisors do a lot of work to help him out. The clerk wanted the residents to know that this was not something she had requested. Motion brought to a vote. By show of hands vote: 15 in favor of increases. 3 opposed. Motion carried. These increases would take effect with the 2009 election.

Caroline asked if the Town had by-laws. She was advised that the state statute governs the towns.

She asked about the residents being in non-compliance with zoning and who will pay for this. This has not been worked out yet. Caroline questioned about who maintains the finance record. She was advised that the clerk has a copy of the finance record but the treasurer maintains the check book and that according to statute, the clerk only needs to maintain a copy of the finance record. She questioned about Jeff Retzlaff doing smart growth, she was advised that it is not for sure that we are going with Jeff Retzlaff. She also questioned about SGS having a spill and what was being done about it. She wondered why we are letting this company getting away with a spill. She indicated that she has written letters on this but has not gotten any responses back. She had pictures of the spill over. Dave indicated that the board has not received any complaints. She wondered why it wasn’t in the zoning book that when a business is sold they don’t have to apply for permits and conditions. She was advised that she can address the planning commission on this issue. She doesn’t think there should be spill over’s. Pat Morrison advised that the current zoning does not make it necessary for the new company to apply for permits and conditions. Dave advised that if there is a spill with anything, they should call DNR and if they can’t reach anyone, they should call the DNR hotline. Charlie Zimmerman indicated that rather than putting this information on the website, they should contact a board member. Caroline was advised that by calling the DNR hotline, someone will get back to her because someone is required to man that hotline 24/7.

Next year’s annual meeting date: The annual meeting will be held April 14, 2009 at 7:00. Motion by Lynn Zimmerman, seconded by Dave DeCono. Motion carried.

Motion by Jean Ross, seconded by John Haase to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 10:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Kris Kohlhoff