Town of Clyman Annual Meeting 2009 Minutes



APRIL 14, 2009 @ 7:OO PM


Attendees - Mary/Tim Dornfeld , Rick Remmington, Marjorie Galhmann, Mary Lee Petermann, Rick Firari, Eric Howlett, Dave Decono, Jeff/Jean Kreuziger, John/Sherry Haase, Kris/Neal Kohlhoff, Charlie/Lynn Zimmermann, Mary Kreuziger, Amy Nehls, Ann Blank, Mike Thoma, Bob White, Brad/Caroline Bailey, Joe/Judy Hasslinger, Randy Nehls, Pat/Ann Morrison, Mike Mclay

The Annual meeting was called to order by Chairman Dave Blank at 7:00 pm with Nancy Schlender 1st Supervisor absent. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes - The minutes were reviewed from last year. Motion to accept the minutes from 2008 Annual Town Meeting by John Haase/Ann Blank seconded. Motion carried.

Financial Report - Chris explained the Annual Financial Statement for 2008. Budget vs. Actual was how she listed it. Attorney fees and Zoning expenses were under budgeted. She also explained that the Fire Department received a new Fire truck that also went over budget. She explained that the Town of Clyman opened up a line of credit to pay for expenses. She explained that the town of Clyman also took out a loan to pay for the bridge. She explained that while we did under budget in 2008 for some expenses that the settlement from ULWR is going to be used to pay for these expenses. Question raised about increasing taxes for 2009. Dave Blank said as of right now he does not expect to have to raise taxes. Question about Zoning being under budgeted. Chris explained that Zoning included Jerry Fromi services from General Engineering in regards to the Board of Appeals with ULWR. Question raised regarding ULWR paying any additional funds to the town. Dave Blank explained that ULWR has agreed to pay there settlement fees over a 24 month period. Question raised about publications. Chris and Dave explained that to cut costs in publications the Town of Clyman only posts in the Watertown Daily Times to keep costs down. Motion by Tim Dornfeld/Amy Nehls seconded to accept 2008 Annual Financial Statement. Motion carried.

Recreation Donations - Dave explained what was donated last year for the boys/girls baseball teams. Kris Kohlhoff explained the team coaches would like new uniforms for both teams. Question raised about if there was money left in their accounts. $1600.00 is left in the account per Kris Kohlhoff. Amy Nehls explained that some people don't take pay and sometimes pay for their own supplies. Question raised if we are paying the same as the Village of Clyman? Kris Kohlhoff confirmed the Town and Village donate the same amount. Motion by Mary Lee Petermann/Sherry Haase seconded to donate $200.00 each the for boys/girls baseball. Motion carried.

Senior Citizens - Mary Lee Peterman explained that the senior citizens were able to enjoy free breakfasts and also made a donation to the fire department with the funds they receive. They also play cards down at the town hall every other Wednesday. Motion by Tim Dornfeld/John Haase seconded to give $150.00 to seniors. Motion carried.

Santa - Amy Nehls said about 100 kids come to Santa. Donny (Santa) does not receive pay for his service. He requests that people bring can goods as a donation. Lions also make a donation. Motion by Neal Kohlhoff/Mary Kreuziger seconded to donate $150.00 for goody bags for the kids that come to see Santa. Motion carried.

Swimming - Kris Kohlhoff explained that Watertown pool will be closed this year. But she is checking to see if other pools would be available. Dave explained that if the Watertown pool is closed in 2009 then our donation can be used for bussing the kids to another pool. Motion by Amy Nehls /Tim Dornfeld seconded to donate $200.00 to the swimming fund. Motion carried.

Rabies Clinic- Town/Village had a combined clinic in December and would like to do it again this year. Dave explained that Gentle Healer from Watertown does not charge the Town/Village to run the rabies clinic. Dave also explained that we will be doing another rabies clinic again this year towards the end of the year.

Renovations for Town Hall/Fire Building.- John Haase said he had an architect draw up plans but didn't get much information as to if the town was interested in moving forward. Amy Nehls checked into grants with the stimulus package to get new money for equipment and buildings and said money may be available. Amy explained that MSA is working with the Village and that there is cost up front for building a new structure. But, eventually you can roll all your expenses incurred into the grant if applicable. Amy explained that you can make a wish list for getting a grant. Question raised if Amy could confirm what percentage the grant would cover? At this time, there would not be a guarantee on what percentage the state would be willing to contribute with a grant. But, Amy said there will be a lot of money available. Dave brought up that General Engineering also does grant research. Question raised if the town has the funds to explore the idea of a new building? Chris Spilker said due to budget restraints that all funds received in 2009 are already itemized and any additional spending would require the town to get a loan. Dave Blank asked how long it takes to receive funds if approved for a grant? Amy Nehls said just like FEMA it would take 12 - 18 months to get paid back. She also explained that a Town can go above 2% levy when building if necessary. Question raised how much a new building would cost? John Haase explained a new building would be roughly $750,000 - $1,000,000. Question raised how much it would cost to renovate existing town hall? $200,000 for addition to the north. Just for structure. Question raised how much for architectural fees? John Haase had plans drawn for renovation by Marty Sell cost was $700.00. Grant money would not cover renovations. Only new structures. The village will not be able to help with the purchase of a new building or be able to financially support a renovation of the existing building. Ann Blank said that if we stay on town hall side of the joining wall between the fire department garage and the meeting room than the fire department does not need to update the fire dept per codes. Further discussion was held.

Motion by Amy Nehls/Bob White seconded to make a committee to draft a needs assessment for the fire department with a budget of $1500.00 -$2000.00. Eric Howlett brought up the idea of the fire department first forming a needs assessment committee and listing their needs before getting outside resources involved and spending extra money. Randy Nehls said we should get professionals involved. This way the committee can work with the professionals and get accurate information if needed. Further discussion was held on if the $1500.00 - $2000.00 is enough. Amy Nehls amended motion that the needs assessment committee be formed for the Fire Dept/Town Hall with a budget of $3,000.00 and to report back to the town board in 6 months unless additional funds are needed sooner. Bob White seconded. Motion carried.

Dave Blank explained that the town of Emmet is interested in utilizing our fire department protection in their township and this option may be considered to help with some of the costs of the expansion of the town hall/fire department building. Ann Blank also stated that the committee could look into other options for the Village of Clyman if they are unable to afford supporting the project. John Haase said he will run this committee and anyone interested should contact him.

Residents House Floor Plans & Building Layouts. - John Haase would like everyone to draw up a simple floor plan of your house and other buildings on your property to help Firement & 1st Responders if they need to get to someone. Randy Nehls recommended drawing in where fuel tanks are located and where other fuel sources are located. To pick up forms contact John Haase or go to the website.

Snowplowing - No other bids were presented. Dave Blank went over last years bids. Questioned raised when does county know when to plow? Dave Blank explained that the Chairman is contacted. Motion by Randy Nehls/Amy Nehls seconded to stay with county. Motion carried.

Dumpster Day - May 2nd same day as Village. Location of dumpster will be at Tim Dornfeld`s garage. Computers should go to Erdmann Recycling. Dave Blank will bring a trailer for tires. Televisions can go in dumpster. Any further questions about items that are acceptable citizens should contact Dave Blank.

Comprehensive Planning- 4 people have already responded. Dave would like to hold the meetings the 1st week of the month but not the same day as the Plan Commission meetings. It will be a public meeting. Citizens are welcome. Randy Nehls questions if there will be open discussion. Jeff Retzlaff will be setting the guidelines for the meetings. There is a lot to set up in the next year. It will be recommend to Jeff Retzlaff to keep discussion limited.

Clerk Location - Chris Spilker explained that she wanted to set up regular business hours at the Village Hall. The Village agreed to renting office space at $350.00 a month to include all utilities, storage, internet, security, fax machine, phone, & liability insurance. Chris further explained that the needs of the town are growing and there is a demand to establish an office space with regular hours for the Town of Clyman. Randy Nehls agreed with the idea but questioned how we would be paying for this extra expense if it was not budgeted. The citizens present wanted to take the funds received from ULWR's settlement and pay for the monthly rental of the Village Hall rather than pay any more funds to the attorneys with regards to the Appeal lawsuit. Ann Blank recommended setting up regular business hours to be posted. Question raised about setting up an additional phone line. Chris Spilker currently uses her personal cell phone and Town residents can call that number or call the Village Hall phone number and leave a message if necessary. Dave Blank noted that town meetings and elections will still be at the Town Hall. Randy Nehls made a motion to agree to renting office space from the Village Hall at $350.00 a month on the condition that the board lists where the funds are going to come from because it is a non-budgeted item. Dave Decono seconded. Motion carried

Further discussion was held regarding that we use the settlements funds we are receiving from ULWR to pay the monthly rent. Randy Nehls amended motion that the board drafts a resolution regarding the funds being received by ULWR as extra income. Then he also recommended drafting additional resolutions to document the additional expense of monthly rent to the Village Hall and also another resolution to document the additional expense of $3,000.00 for the needs assessment committee being formed for the fire department. Dave Decono seconded. Motion carried.

Land for Sale - Dave Blank explained that there is land for sale on Cty road CJ. $35,000.00 is the asking price. Dave explained Ronnie Retschlag would be willing to sell some additional land if needed. Dave Blank explained this could be a sight for a new town hall. Bob White explained that setting up the needs assessment committee is the first step to defining what the fire department would need and we should wait for them to report back to the board.

Quarterly Newsletter - Sandy Thoma will be the person doing the newsletter. Sandy wants more citizens input. Randy Nehls thinks we should send a letter after the annual meeting. Kris Kohlhoff recommended doing a newsletter after the budget & annual meeting. There is also a letter sent to all citizens with there taxes at end of year. All citizens encouraged the idea of 3 newsletters.

Cemeteries - The Town's Association is requiring that all town's mark any unmark stones and burial plots. Dave Blank will contact the Town's Association to discuss further. Anyone who knows of burial plots in the town of Clyman not are not marked should contact Dave Blank.

Discussion on Wages for Board/Clerk/Treasurers - The current board members are comfortable but the clerks for the Plan Commission and the town felt they should receive additional per diems or an hourly wage. The clerks are expected to do a lot more with regard to ULWR and the approved CUP. Currently the Plan Commission Clerk receives one per diem and $10.00/hr for all prep/post work. Further discussion was held regarding the town clerk receiving additional funds from the current salary. Randy Nehls explained that this is subject to be discussed at budget. Mary Lee Peterman explained that the town clerk should keep track of her hours and present this again at the budget.

New Ordinances/Resolutions - from WTA meeting. Dave read through the new ordinances from the WTA. A copy of the new ordinances/resolutions is available at the clerk's office.

Road Inspections - Crack Sealing will be done to keep within budget. No Seal Coating in 2009 to cut costs. Oak Hill needs to be filled. Dave also brought up other roads. Quest Road the culvert is good and they will only need to patch.

Appeal at Dodge County is still Active - Question raised if the Appeal is still active? Dave brought up that we are looking at settling with ULWR. Question asked if Raymond Roder was notified that we no longer needed him. Dave said he had him file paperwork for the Appeal in Dodge County Court. Charlie Zimmermann wanted to know why we couldn't have Griggs do the Appeals paperwork? Dave told him that he gave Raymond Roder permission to file the briefs because of the 14 day deadline. Dave Blank explained he wants to work with ULWR and has been using Atty. Griggs to finalize all other paperwork and new requests in regards to the lawsuit. Lynn Zimmemann made a motion that this is the last case for Raymond Roder and that any further cases shall be handled by Atty. Griggs or a new attorney. Mary Lee Peterman seconded. Motion carried.

Railroad tracks by Canning Factory - Bob White brought up that the track down by the canning factory is rough to drive across. Dave explained that it's the railroads and the town can't fix it. Tim Dornfeld explained what the railroad did to it to fix it in the past. Dave will contact the State railroad about fixing it.

Next Annual Meeting - Set for April 13, 2010 at 7:30 pm. Discussion regarding the start time. A raised hand vote was called with 11 yea and 9 nay. Time set for 7:30 p.m. on April 13, 2010. Motion by John Haase/Kris Kohlhoff seconded. Motion carried.

Dave Decono made motion to adjourn. Eric Howlett seconded. Annual town meeting for 2009 adjourned at 9:24 pm.