Town of Clyman Annual Meeting 2010 Minutes



April 13, 2010 @ 7:30 PM

Board Members Attendance: Chairman Dave Blank, 1st Supervisor Nancy Schlender, 2nd Supervisor Chuck Burkholz, Treasurer Sandy Thoma, Deputy Clerk Pam Antholt.

Attendance: Sherry Haase, Marjorie Gahlman, Mary Kreuziger, Lynn Zimmerman, Marv & Barb Hanke, Brian Kasssubi, John Haase, Amy Nehls, Jerome & Dorothy Haase, Marylee Peterman, Tim Dornfeld, Brad & Caroline Bailey, Joe & Judy Hasslinger, Wally Strauss, Randy Nehls , Kris Kohlhoff, Jeff Kreuziger, Bob White, Stan Jones, & Steve Vasic

The 2010 Town of Clyman Annual Meeting was called to order by Chairman Dave Blank at 7:34pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

2009 Annual Minutes: Tim Dornfeld/Sherry Haase made motion to approve 2009 minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Jeff Retzlaff Survey Presentation: Jeff did a power point presentation on the July 2009 Community Opinion Survey. If you would like a copy of the power point presentation please contact the Town Clerk or visit the website at Jeff reminded the citizens that PAC Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every month with the next meeting April 15, 2010 @ 6:30 pm.

Fire Department Grant: Fire Chief John Haase did a power point presentation on the Fire Department Grant. He explained the different grants that were available. He explained the screening process through FEMA, explaining the financial need, the award procedure, tracking procedures of the expenditures, the Town & Villages 5% contribution, and the reporting system.

John explained that this year Dodge County Emergency Management and Clyman Fire Department Members helped complete the 20 page grant application. After 5 years of rejected applications Clyman Fire Department received a grant this year for a total of $121,000.00.

He explained the different equipment that will be purchased with these funds. Equipment to include 1 RIT, Air Filling/Cascade System, 14 SCBA and spare bottles, & 9 SCBA face pieces. He is planning on purchasing the equipment in the next month and expects to complete all purchases by the deadline of November 2010. Question about the cost of the bottles. John explained that today's technology allows for the bottles to be 4500 PSI & be much lighter to carry. This new technology is very costly however the department members are really going to benefit from the new equipment. All of the equipment today is so much more advanced than the current equipment being used by the Clyman Fire Department.

2009 Annual Financial Report: Treasurer Sandy Thoma went through the Annual Report. A copy of the 2009 Annual Financial Report is available through the Town Clerk. Question regarding attorney's fees. Attorney fees were under budgeted again this year because of the continuing conflicts between ULWR and the Town of Clyman. Question regarding difference between budgeted income and expenses in the 2009 budget. Miscellaneous Revenue was listed incorrectly and the total needs to be amended to include other miscellaneous expenses; $12280.53 which would include culverts, permits, etc. There was discussion regarding ULWR and the costs we are incurring. Nancy explained that she is going to meet with ULWR representative's and try to move forward with ULWR without involving the attorneys.

There was discussion regarding the farmer's in the area being compared to having the same land application regulations as ULWR. It was explained that today's farmers do have a nutrient plan in the area but comparing the spreading of cattle manure to ULWR is not the same. It was discussed that a farmer spreads manure to get rid of the waste and does not make profit spreading manure. It was explained that a farmer would not leave a crop land vacant because a farmer grows crops to make money and therefore would only spread on land in between crops.

It was also explained when a farmer is spreading manure they would not over apply because they have to follow the nutrient plan that's regulated by the state. Today's farmer makes money in harvesting his crop so therefore over applying and then planting a quick growing crop like Sadan Grass would be not wise because the nutrients if not monitored will a weak crop. It was explained that ULWR continues to leave vacant land for spreading and there was discussion regarding them over applying in the past.

It was discussed that ULWR is monitored by the DNR and if it is the board's responsibility to oversee the spreading in the Town of Clyman by all farmers and companies that spread waste in the Town of Clyman. Further discussion took place explaining that ULWR requested a CUP from the Town of Clyman and after an appeals process was approved a CUP by the Town of Clyman's Appeals Board.

There was discussion regarding the Town Board being responsible to make sure CUP's are complied with. It was explained that the Town Board ultimately is required to make sure the CUP is complied with. It was noted that while certain Town Board members do not agree with the CUP issued by the Town's Appeals Board to ULWR it is still their responsibility to make sure it is being enforced.

Chairman Dave Blank asked if anyone had any other questions regarding the 2009 Annual Treasurer's Report.

Randy Nehls/Marylee Peterman made motion to accept Treasurer's report as presented with a change under miscellaneous revenue total to balance with the total miscellaneous revenue received. Motion carried.

Burning Ordinance - Chairman Dave Blank explained that the town board is looking to pass an ordinance for controlled burning and anyone who is planning on doing a controlled burn should call Dodge County Non-Emergency number. If you are unable to locate this number feel free to call Chairman Dave Blank or Fire Chief John Haase.

Hwy 26 Expansion Project - The DOT is making Hwy 26 four lanes. Dave explained the Hwy 26 expansion project will begin at Hwy 26 & Hwy 60 in the Town of Clyman. There are a number different phases that will be taking place along Highway 26. This summer they plan on raising 6 homes along Hwy 26 in the Town of Clyman. Dave & Chris are meeting with the contractors later this month to discuss further. All lands that the DOT are interested in acquiring will be finalized by November of 2010. The project will then move south through the Town of Clyman into Emmet and will go to Johnson Creek. Dave and Chris have been attending regular meetings with We Energies, DOT Engineers, Dodge County's Highway Commissioner, Union Pacific Railroad representatives, DNR representatives, contractors and sub contractors. There is currently a DOT map located at the Town Hall and if you have any questions regarding the project please contact either Dave Blank or Chris Spilker for further information.

Dumpster Days - May 1st is dumpster days 7:30 - 11:30 down at the Village garage. Tim explained that anyone who is putting in any appliances will be required to have a certified statement stating that there is not any Freon in the appliances. Tires will be collected at $3.00 for normal tires. Tim explained that larger tires should be brought down for adjusted pricing.

Re-Evaluation in the Town of Clyman - Dave explained that the Town of Clyman will be doing a re-evaluation this summer and he encourages citizens to let the assessor view your home. If you choose not to have the assessor on your property citizens run the potential of being re-evaluated incorrectly and possibly being over assessed. The assessors could evaluate the property at a higher value with the idea there is something you don't want them to see. The Appraisal company the Town of Clyman Board hired is Equity Appraisal and citizens will be receiving postcards from them in the next few months.

Snowplowing - Currently we work with Dodge County. There was discussion regarding Dodge County doing the work for the next snow season. There was also discussion regarding going with other contractor's. BobWhite/Mary Lee Peterman made motion to continue with Dodge County for snowplowing in 2010. Motion carried.

Donations -

Baseball Teams: There was discussion about the boys/girls combining into one team this year. Issac Dornfeld has posted flyers around the Town and Village and if anyone is interested in signing up they should contact him at 920-988-6106. Judy Haslinger/Tim Dornfeld made motion to donate $200.00 to the Boys/Girls Baseball team. Motion carried.

Senior Citizen- Jerome Haase/Joe Hasslinger made motion to donate $100.00 to the senior citizens. Motion carried.

Santa: It was noted that (Santa) Don does not accept pay and asks citizens to bring can goods that are donated to the local food pantry. It was also noted that the children really like Santa and Amy Nehls is doing a great job with coordinating Santa and the goodie bags for the kids. Lynn Zimmerman/Randy Nehls made motion to donate $150.00 to the Santa fund. Motion carried.

Swimming: Lessons will be July 26 - August 5th. Sherry Haase/Tim Dornfeld made motion to donate $200.00 to swimming. Motion carried.

Rabies Clinic - Gentle Healer Clinic will continue to do the rabies clinic for the Town and Village later in the year.

Road Inspections - Road Inspections will be April 27th & April 28th. Dave will be going around picking up tires and if anyone witness's illegal dumping should contact Dodge County Sherriff Department. If you are doing work in the town with your ditches or culverts please contact a board member to let them know. Dodge County was commended for their work on Quest Road.

Ditch Mowing - It was recommended that town residents remove stones around there homestead to avoid damage to the equipment used by Pridesworks to cut the ditches. Cleaning up the ditches allows him to cut more efficiently. If his equipment is damage that requires down time to fix it and he does all the work himself.

Website - There is question regarding the minutes on the website being updated on a monthly basis. The clerk explained that she forwards a copy of the minutes/agendas at the same time she posts.

Eagle Road Culvert -There was discussion regarding the culvert was a 6 foot pipe and now it is only 4 feet deep. It was explained that Dave was advised by Pete Thompson of Dodge County Highway to construct the culvert. There was a question regarding the size of the pipe. Dave explained he wanted a longer pipe but county recommended the job that was completed. There was discussion regarding putting guard rails up. It was noted that Dave has already contacted Dodge County regarding putting up guard rails.

Appointed/Elected Clerk for the Town of Clyman - Pam Antholt as deputy clerk did a presentation regarding the clerk's duties. She explained that she was advised by Chairman Dave Blank to shadow Clerk Chris Spilker and give him a list of duties she is required to do. Pam gave out a copy of duties & responsibilities for the clerk position. Discussion was held regarding her duties. Discussion was held regarding the position in being appointed rather than elected. Pam explained that the entire board could be re elected and if the Clerk is also re elected there is no one in a position to continue the jobs already being performed. It was discussed the knowledge and amount of information and schooling today's clerk is required to know. It was discussed the current clerk is currently enrolled in her 3rd year of schooling through Wisconsin Municipalities Clerk's Association. The amount of meetings required with the DOT and the Highway 26 expansion project have also added to the work load of clerk duties. It was discussed the amount of extra work required with ULWR and the CUP. It was explained the amount of work regarding the New Lagoons and the clerk being the liaison between the Town Engineer and ULWR. While it is considered a part time job the current clerk is expected to put in 30 hours a week including office hours, weekends and night time hours.

Discussion was held regarding the clerks current salary. The current clerk earns $10k regardless of the work load. Discussion was held about comparing today's clerk to an executive secretary for a $1 million dollar business. Currently this is the same amount that of cash flow that runs through the town's books in one year. Discussion held about the town having a clerk and a deputy clerk. The Town of Clyman has had a deputy clerk for many years and only uses them on an as needed basis. Question raised about if the town would hire a full-time clerk would a deputy clerk still be needed. The current clerk felt that a deputy clerk would not be needed unless the clerk is gone for extended periods of time for training. Discussion was held about no one in the town applying for the position when the current clerk resigned and then was asked by the town board to finish her term.

Discussion was held regarding putting the question on the September Primary election referendum. The clerk will be doing research regarding the proper procedure and full filling all state statues in regards to asking the question at the next election.

The town board will be discussing this further at future meetings and the clerk will do the research regarding putting the question on the September election.

Motion by Lynn Zimmerman/Jeff Kreuziger to put the question of changing the position of the Town Clerk from elected to appointed at the next election as a referendum question. Motion carried.

It was discussed having a special meeting prior to 2011 budget and caucus meeting to discuss salary for the Town Clerk position.

Randy Nehls/Mary Lee Peterman made motion to adjourn at 10:31pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Spilker

Town Clerk