Town of Clyman Annual Meeting 2012 Minutes




APRIL 10, 2012 @ 7:00 PM

ATTENDEES - Sherry Haase, Mary Lee Peterman, Timothy Dornfeld, Jerome Haase, Nancy Schlender, Chris Hookstead, Mark Grosskopf, Kris Kohlhoff, Marjorie Gahlman, John Haase, Terry Reynolds, Fred Wellach, Greg Antholt, Chuck Burkholz, Sandy Thoma, Chris Spilker.

The Annual meeting was called to order by Chairman (Chm) Dave Blank @7:12pm with 1st Supervisor (Sup) Brad Bailey, 2nd Supervisor (Sup) Amy Nehls, Treasurer Carol Hrenak and Clerk Pamela Antholt present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT - Chairman (Chm) Dave explained the Income Statement for 2011.

The totals for the Income are:


Tax Levy $139,130.00 $145,117.41 $5,987.41

State Shared Revenues $18,953.00 $24,902.87 $5,949.87

Transportation Hwy Aid $56,616.00 $56,615.95 -$0.05

Computer Aid $30.00 $13.00 -$17.00

2% Fire Dues $2,000.00 $2,094.22 $94.22

Liquor License Fees $1,100.00 $496.32 -$603.68

Dog License Fees $800.00 $897.89 $97.89

Village of Clyman Truck Ins $1,100.00 $0.00 -$1,100.00

Culvert $1,000.00 $827.01 -$172.99

Building Permits $1,000.00 $2,794.90 $1,794.90

Conditional Use/Zoning Perm$1,500.00 $1,264.88 -$235.12

Bond & Misc Refund $1,000.00 $0.00 -$1,000.00

Line of Credit $0.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00

Miscellaneous $0.00 $4,844.20 $4,844.20

TOTALS $224,229.00 $249,868.65 $25,639.65

Chm Blank then asked if there were any questions. Kris Kohlhoff stated that as far as the Village of Clyman Truck Ins., it was a wash between the two of us, because the Village bills the Town for the hydrants and workers comp.

Caroline Bailey stated that she had a question and stated the following “You really are not very good when you borrow $10,000. You took out a line of credit of $10,000 on your income, that's the only reason why it bumped you over. Part of your only reason because $10,000 is a line of credit and you are borrowing money.” Chm Blank stated that in actuality we're under $15,639.65.

Salaries portion:

Paid $40,546.22 Budget $43,200.00 Remaining $2,653.78

Dues & Conference portion:

Paid $7,163.80 Budget $8,800.00 Remaining $1,636.20

Tim Dornfeld stated “Is it necessary for you to read all this, are you required to read every single line item?” Chm Blank stated he didn't have to, it was up to the people.

Caroline Bailey then stated “Did we not pay something on the Assessor in January, which is offsetting what was budgeted for last year?” Sandy Thoma stated that she didn't think so. Caroline stated “I know there were certain expenses brought over into January and if it was in the 2011 Budget that it should be noticed there”.

Sandy stated “We'd have to go back and look but I don't think so because she thought the Assessor sent us his bill in December.”

Chris Spilker stated “Along with what Tim stated, if you wanted to do it by groups and then see if anyone has a question in that section.” Chm Blank asked the people if he should do it by line or by groups and the people agreed it should be by groups.


Paid $1,019.19 Budget $2,350.00 Remaining $1,300.81

Public Safety:

Paid $56,168.46 Budget $51,960.00 Remaining $(4,208.46)

Attorney Fees:

Paid $2,815.80 Budget $5,000.00 Remaining $2,184.20


Paid$27,272.61 Budget $30,000.00 Remaining $2,727.39

Animal Control:

Paid $1,018.00 Budget $1,500.00 Remaining $482.00

Accounting Services:

Paid $1,594.00 Budget $300.00 Remaining $(1,294.00)


Paid $975.00 Budget $1,250.00 Remaining $275.00

Town Hall:

Paid $745.55 Budget $1,000.00 Remaining $254.45


Paid $2461.82 Budget $2,625.00 Remaining $163.18


Paid $10,563.00 Budget $6,300.00 Remaining $(4,263.00)


Paid $66,693.67 Budget $54,079.00 Remaining $(12,614.67)


Paid $9,121.86 Budget $4,000.00 Remaining $(5,121.66)

Office Supplies:

Paid $5,932.70 Budget $4,975.00 Remaining $(957.70)

Village Hall Rental:

Paid $2,100.00 Budget $4,200.00 Remaining $2100.00


Paid $2,539.94 Budget $1,720.00 Remaining $(819.94)

Rock River Coalition:

Paid $0 Budget $500.00 Remaining $500.00


Paid $150.00 Budget $470.00 Remaining $320.00


Paid $5,276.09 Budget $0 Remaining $(5,276.09)


Paid$ 244,157.71 Budget $224,229.00 Remaining $(19,928.71)

Chuck Burkholz stated “The Consultants $4486, was some of that for General Engineering Company (GEC) Jerry Foellmi, that it was so high?” Chm Blank stated that he believed some of that was for Jerry Foellmi for the spill last summer and we had to get involved in it. Chuck asked if some of that would be recovered this year and Chm Blank stated that it should be, we are trying now. He stated that according to the Zoning Ordinance it is a cost that is to be defrayed to the cause of the charges. Sup Nehls asked if the lawyers are also included in the consultants fees. Chm Blank stated that there is an Attorney line item.

Mary Lee Peterman asked “Why is there such a large amount in the Miscellaneous?” Sandy informed her that was for a matching grant for the Fire Department. Sandy stated that we had to math 5% of the grant that the Fire Department has and it was not budgeted, so she put it in the Miscellaneous.

Chuck Burkholz stated “On the attorney fees, is some of that on the ditch issue? Chm Blank stated that part of it was. Chuck stated “There is some expense accrued through the ditch issue in a couple of different ways.” Chm Blank stated that GEC didn't get involved in that.

Caroline Bailey stated “So if you take the income side and we have a profit of $25k and you take the expense side and you have a negative amount, that shows we have $5,710.94 left. Where did that money go. Tell me it went to pay off loan.” Unknown resident stated “Budget is just a number”. Caroline stated “Well we have actuals, right? We have our actual income and we have actual expenses now.” Unknown stated “But you took the short/over down to $15k.” Caroline stated “You still have to add it, if you are going to include the loan then it would be $25k. It does increase when you take out a loan, it does increase the income side of the statement. So if you take the $10k loan and you expense out your expenses there is a positive amount of $5,710.94 left. And I just wanna know exactly where $5,710.94 went.” Discussion held. Caroline stated “So are you telling me that we started our checking balance at $5,710.94 to start off 2012?” Sandy stated “I can't tell you right off the top of my head, I'd have to look. I didn't think the budget sheet showed that much” Caroline stated “So you are saying our checking balance was less when we started January 1, 2012.” Sandy stated “I'm saying I'd have to look”. Chm Blank stated that if there was any left do you want to roll it over into this year. Caroline stated “Well your expense and your income statement should balance out to zero. You take the income side and when you have extra, you allocate to where that would go, I would think.” Sup Nehls stated that when you run a budget this tight, most places just leave it in there in case other expenses come up and you don't have to take a loan out right away. Caroline stated “I understand that, so then where did we go with it? If you put it in the budge, tell me where the $5,710.94 went did you add it to the 2012 budget into salaries? How did you allocate it to public safety.” Sup Nehls stated that they budgeted for 2012 back in November, they didn't know they were going to have a surplus. She stated that extra money is most likely in the checking account. Caroline stated “At next month's meeting we should be able to see where the $5,710.94 is, Right?” Chm stated that we have a change of Treasurers right now.

Bob White stated “Two months ago Amy you told us that we on the county you check and we spent $17k for snow removal last year. It says here $11,629 and I found that number hard to believe also. Especially since we had record snow last year, not this year.” Sup Nehls stated that the budget goes by season.

Nancy Schlender stated “On the Rock River Coalition, what was the reasoning for not participating in it this past year?” Chm Blank stated that we felt we would be short on money. Nancy stated “Because I recall when the letter came out all the Towns were supposed to be participating in it that had any properties that drained into the Rock River. It is almost like dues.” Kris Kohlhoff stated “They said five years.” Chm Blank asked if maybe it was mandatory. Nancy stated “I'm thinking it should be”. Kris stated that she thought they voted it for five years. Kris stated that she thinks this is the fifth year. Chm Blank stated that we haven't heard anything back yet.

Chm Blank asked if there were any other questions on the Financial Statements. Caroline Bailey stated “When did the board members see a copy of it, when was the first time they saw a copy of it for their review, when did they receive it?” Chris Spilker stated that they are not supposed to get it until tonight. Caroline asked how then can they review it. Chris stated that they are not supposed to review it, you are getting it tonight to review it. Chm Blank stated that the way this runs it is open forum and this is an open forum and there is no agenda and we don't see it. Caroline thanked him.

Tim Dornfeld/John Haase made a motion to approve the 2011 Financial Statement. Chm Blank explained to the clerk that we need to have a show of hands and count the votes. Sup Nehls asked Caroline Bailey if she is telling Sup Bailey how to vote, because he can't decide if he is raising his hand or not. Caroline told her that he didn't have time to review it. Chris Spilker informed Caroline that we just reviewed it line by line. 18-Yes 3-No 2-Abstain. Motion Carried.

APPROVAL MINUTES - Chm Blank stated that last year we did not have a clerk at the time of the Annual Meeting and Chuck Burkholz took hand written minutes. Chuck then read the minutes from the Annual Meeting of 2011.

Stan Jones/Mary Lee Peterman made a motion to accept the minutes from the 2011 Annual Meeting. All-Yes 0-No. Motion Carried.

BASEBALL TEAM - Chm Blank asked Tim Dornfeld if it will be boys and girls Tim stated that as far as he knows, just boys, he doesn't how many teams. Chm Blank stated that we donated $400 last year. Sup Nehls stated that she felt that there will be at least two teams. Stan Jones asked why can't we budget so much a team and then if there isn't three teams, you save some money. Chm Blank stated that it is up to the people. Caroline Bailey asked what was in the budget. Chm Blank stated it was probably the same as last year which is $400. Sup Bailey stated it was $200 for girls and $200 boys. Sup Nehls stated that there hasn't been a girls team. It was asked by Tim Dornfeld if they used all the money. Kris Kohlhoff stated that there was $780 in the checking account. Sup Nehls explained that it costs about $50 per ump and there are usually 6 games a year with two teams. Discussion was held on the monies and/equipment. Stan Jones asked if there were any fundraisers throughout the year. Kris stated that they sell stuff at the Concession Stand. It was stated that Isaac Dornfeld buys the bats and balls along with the uniforms out of the account. It was asked if there is field trip or anything. Sup Nehls stated that the kids have a picnic at the end of the year and the families bring dishes to pass. Stan Jones/Sherry Haase made a motion to give the $400 and if it doesn't cover all the expenses then I move they can do a fundraiser. All-Yes 0-No Motion Carried.

Tim stated that he and his wife discussed having cozies made up and possibly sell at the concession stand.

SWIMMING LESSONS - Chm Blank stated that we budgeted $225 this year. Chris Spilker stated that there were only 2 or 3 families that participated because we asked them to drive there, because we didn't bus them. She stated that they put their kids in other programs because it didn't pay for them to drive there. Chris stated that it seems there are less and less every year. Sup Nehls stated that Juneau Rec also has swimming lessons. Carol Hrenak stated that Hustisford also offers lessons. Nancy Schlender/Stan Jones made a motion to make it a pass this year. All-Yes 0-No Motion Carried.

SANTA CLAUS - Chris Spilker stated that she felt it was getting bigger and bigger every year. Chm Blank stated that we have $150 this year. Kris Kohlhoff stated that we didn't have a lot left over, they did about 100 bags. Kris stated that the Fire Association would like to donate this year. Tim Dornfeld/Sandy Thoma made a motion to stay with the $150. All-Yes 0-No Motion Carried.

SENIOR CITIZENS - Chm Blank stated that we had budgeted $200 this year. Sup Nehls asked how many do they average here at the Hall. Tim Dornfeld stated that where almost 20. Tim Dornfeld stated that he would donate $20.

Tim Dornfeld/Sherry Haase made a motion to set the Senior Citizens budget at $240 with Tim's family donating $20. All-Yes 0-No Motion Carried.

Chm Blank stated that this is an open forum. However, he stated that when he recognizes someone that everyone gives that person the courtesy when they have the floor and if it gets out of hand that person will be asked to leave.

Chm Blank stated that WE Energies had contacted him because the lot that they have on Hwy CJ is still for sale. Stan Jones stated that as soon as WE Energies is ready to donate the lot to the Township, he would accept it otherwise, no. Chris Hookstead asked what the Town wants to do with that acre. Chm Blank stated that we have to have somewhere for the recycling center and we could fence that in and set up dumpsters and have a collection area. Sup Nehls stated that we also have no salt storage at this time. She stated that right now we are over in our salt and if we change contractors and we had to move our salt out of there, we can't store it here and we have nowhere to store it. Tim Dornfeld stated that Stan has a good question and then questioned if anyone has asked We Energies how they would feel about donating it to the Town. Chm Blank stated that he would put in the next week's agenda. He said that it started out at $35k and now it is down to $10k.

Bob White stated that right now we do have a recycling center, so he didn't think we needed the property for that. And he stated that if you are going to create an area there for whatever reason, an acre once you get a parking lot and then put salt there or anything else, by the time you start turning trucks around, that isn't going to amount to anything. Bob stated it was going to be more of a headache and more expense to the Township than to just go buy a decent sized lot somewhere. He stated that it's not going to work out like you think, by the time you put equipment and stuff in there, there's no room to turn around. Bob said that it would be a waste of money to even accept it as a donation. Chm Blank stated that possibly Retzlaffs……… would sell more land.

DUMPSTER DAYS - Sup Nehls stated that Town had Dumpster Days last spring and this year we didn't have one budgeted for. She stated that she received prices and it would be about $500 for four hours through Veola and it would be $125 hour for a rear loading truck with an operator and $45 a ton for the material. Sup Nehls stated that normally it is around 9.21 Tons over all the years. She stated that it is roughly $915. Chm Blank asked the people if this something they would like for this year. Caroline Bailey asked where is it going to come from in the budget, what area are you going to take it from. Sup Nehls informed Caroline that this is for 2013 Budget. Chm Blank stated that it is not for this year. Caroline stated that there would be no dumpster for the whole 2012 is what the board is saying? Sup Nehls stated that unless the Board decides to change the budget line items. A resident asked if it was approved for this year and Sup Nehls stated that it did not get brought up. Chm Blank stated that if there is enough interest in it for this year and it is brought to the board, we would look to see if we could change money around or otherwise this would be for 2013. Chm stated that other than what was done early, these are recommendations for the board to look at for the 2013 Budget.

Chris Spilker stated that Dumpster Days in the past, the people really utilized it. She stated that is why the Village of Clyman got out of the Dumpster Days because the Towns people really took interest in it and it was not really benefiting the Village. Sup Nehls stated that this is just a quote for us. Kris Kohlhoff stated that we should set a limit on what people bring in. She stated they had someone bring in a whole deck that they took off of their house and it filled up half of the dumpster. Kris said that another person brought in 7 loads because they didn't want to get a dumpster of their own. Chris Spilker stated that maybe we can have someone monitor it and one of the board members could do that.

Caroline Bailey stated that in small municipalities people are paying to get rid of their garbage, so whoever uses the dumpster could they pay a fee to get rid of their garbage and for all the people who do not need to use the dumpster, since we have our own. Is that something that can be looked at. Sup Nehls stated that not everybody has their own dumpster. Caroline stated that she isn't saying that, but she has a dumpster and she doesn't need it so for all the people that live in Cities and Villages they have to pay to get rid of their garbage, so it is so much per bag. Sup Nehls stated that a lot of people in the Township are already paying for a service and only so much is allowed. Sup Nehls explained that Dumpster Days takes things that normal garbage pickup doesn't take. Caroline asked if we can charge people a fee to get rid of their garbage. Sup Nehls stated that they could take it to any place and that is not giving them a service then. Bob White stated that every other Town does. Chm Blank stated that some do and some don't. He stated that you could figure out a fee at roughly $1000 and if you broke it down to each person. Sup Nehls stated that how are going to divide that until you know who is coming.

Chris Spilker stated the fee goes right out of the taxes and the people are saying use some of our tax dollars to get a dumpster. She stated that it is there for all of us to utilize. Stan Jones stated that is great and if you can afford it and you have the money, do it, if you don't, then you don't do it. Caroline Bailey asked Stan if he would rather pay Atty fees or would he rather pay for a dumpster, so she needs to know where he'd rather go with that. Sup Nehls stated that is not really up for discussion. Caroline asked if they want to pay for Atty fees or where are they going to allocate it from, because it sounds like the people want a service, so where are you going to pull that from. Chris Spilker informed Caroline that again we are budgeting it for 2013. Caroline stated that she understands that. Stan Jones stated that when it comes to the table they can review it at budget. He stated that whatever we decide to do if we have x number of dollars and you do the math and if you wind up being short, then you have to decide what you are not going to do and then you have to set priorities.

Sup Nehls stated that she brought it up because they didn't have one budgeted for this year and she wanted to know if the citizens like it or not.

Chm Blank stated that the Board had been discussing changing our Ambulance service from Juneau, which is only a basic EMS service, to go into Watertown Paramedics with their emergency services. He asked Fire Dept Chief Eric Howlett if Watertown had gotten back to them.

Eric stated that they would go with short-term per call, but not long-term. Sup Nehls stated that short-term meaning this year's budget if we decide to go with them. Sandy Thoma stated that when she paid Juneau EMS last month, half of the bill, she was told we cannot change the contract this year. She stated that we need to let them know 60 days in advance before the first of the year if we are canceling the contract. Stan Jones asked that Eric step to the front of the room and explain the differences to us.

Eric stated that Sup Nehls had him check into going with Watertown because with the service we have now it is just basic EMT service and Watertown is paramedics. He said with the paramedics they are able to do IV's and much more of a service. Eric stated that right now we are paying $5000 and Watertown is $14,000.

Bob White asked how this works if they are on the scene now and Juneau shows up and it's something they can't handle. Eric stated that if we feel that the patient needs a higher level of service, they'll call for it. Sup Nehls stated that the reason her and Eric were discussing it is because she hears the radio traffic every day for her job and we have been on calls lately, not just Clyman there have been others that she heard on radio traffic that first responders like ourselves have been asking for a higher level of assistance, be it paramedic or flight for life and Juneau EMS has refused to call until they are on scene and you are losing precious minutes, sometimes it's precious seconds. Which is why she asked what the difference would be in the cost of service. Sup Nehls stated that with the paramedics you are already at the higher level of service and they are on their way. Bob asked if Juneau was refusing to call a higher level until they are on the scene. Bob stated that they are the ones who are qualified to assess the situation. Sup Nehls and Eric both stated that if they feel the need to call for paramedics right away, they have that authority. Bob asked why they were waiting for Juneau. Eric stated that they were not waiting for Juneau and that is the issue they are having. Sup Nehls stated that if one of them is on scene and call for a paramedic intercept or put flight for life on standby and call into dispatch, and since Juneau is a transporting agency, Juneau will tell dispatch to wait until they are on scene and sometimes they haven't even left Juneau yet. Bob stated that it sounds like there is a problem with dispatch. Sup Nehls stated absolutely not.

Eric stated that the reason they have checked into this is because they have had numerous issues with them in the past. Sup Nehls stated that they are in charge of the scene until Juneau gets there. Chris Hookstead asked how Juneau overrides them on what authority? Eric stated that there are certain people in their department that will not let them override their authority, but you have some people that are gun-shy and don't want to get yelled at if they call the paramedics. Stan Jones questioned if we have to pay for Watertown and Juneau if both were called. Eric stated that Watertown has a readiness fee and they bill back to Juneau. He stated that if a paramedic intercepted with them, then they charge them for it, but if they come to the scene, they don't charge Juneau for the patient. He said if there is a paramedic intercept, they get charged half of whatever the fee is collected. Eric explained that if the patient is a Town resident then that fee is part of your taxes and if the patient is a non-resident, they can get billed from the fire department. Eric stated that Reeseville and Lowell are already using Watertown.

Mary Lee Peterman asked if Watertown should come in, do they take everyone to Watertown Hospital or the closest hospital. Eric stated that it is the closest hospital. Caroline Bailey stated that they told her that it depends upon the accident, that if you prefer to go to your hospital they told her that they will, if it's not life threatening they prefer you to be at your own hospital because they feel that you would have your own doctors. Chm Blank stated that they will go within reason, one of the three. Mary Lee stated that it isn't so much your preference because, such as people on Medicare, the insurance only pays for the closest hospital not what the patient prefers. Caroline asked, can't at any time anybody, including a first responder call a paramedic? Chm Blank stated that they can. Caroline stated: so you are telling me it has to go through a first responder when you call for a paramedic it doesn't go to dispatch, it goes right to Juneau to get to dispatch. Eric stated that they call and if they feel the need to call paramedics right away, they do. Sup Nehls stated that Juneau is on the same radio traffic and if they hear it, sometimes they will trump it and cancel it. Discussion was held on the paramedic and Juneau service.

Eric stated that the good thing about the paramedic is that there is no question if you need a paramedic or not. He stated that there are numerous accidents out on Hwy 26 and 60 and they have required paramedic service immediately and this way they are already coming. Eric stated that we are just looking for a higher level of service, not cutting down Juneau service, and sometimes we may need to have 4-5 ambulances and we have to work with Juneau. Sup Nehls stated that Watertown is staffed 24/7 and when they get the call and since they stay at the FD Station they can roll right away, usually under a minute they are en route to the scene. Caroline Bailey said they told her there are 4-5 paramedics at all times. Caroline stated they did tell that there are 42 drugs they can administer to people. Caroline said she talked to this guy in Watertown and Lt Scott Smith from Dodge City and they both felt that a paramedic should have been called in more times than when they are being called in.

Stan Jones stated that he felt this was a great idea and on the right track and the only thing is if they want to spend $10k more for that service it would be up to the board to figure out where to get that $10k without raising taxes. Mary Lee Peterman stated that you are not going to get all the services without raising taxes. Stan stated that you need to cut something else then. Mary Lee stated that everything has gone up and have you spent the same amount on groceries as you did 2 years ago or even one year ago?

Chris Spilker stated that on the income side, is it possible to team up with Emmet and Eric stated that that is for the Fire and they are in the process of looking into that. She asked if Emmet goes with Watertown and Eric stated yes. Chris stated that it would be a good deal for them to work with us and with Watertown.

Bob White stated that when this was brought up a couple of meetings ago, we were discussing the Township and then the Village and he asked if they are going to do that together. Chm Blank stated that the $14k is ours. Kris Kohlhoff stated that their portion would be $7k and it would be $21k for the two us. Chm Blank stated that it is based on per capita.

Eric Howlett stated that they have about 33 members and the turn out time average is about 3-5 minutes. Eric stated that they had one major break down with the truck. Kris Kohlhoff asked if he heard anything from Atty Griggs on the settlement. Chm Blank stated that he was talking to him the other day when he was talking to him about some other business and he stated that he was going to send him a letter. He stated that the last thing he heard was that the guy was sending us a check. Kris asked if we were beyond the statutes to do anything. Dave stated that he wasn't sure, he said that there was an agreement. Kris stated that it doesn't matter if you don't file by the end of the third year, you are done. Chm Blank stated that they had agreed to pay the $1000 out.

Eric Howlett stated that the tornado siren is up and running. Chm Blank asked him if there would be a noon whistle and he said at 12:30pm on Saturdays. Chm Blank stated that Saturdays is the statewide siren.

LEVY- Sup Nehls stated that if we stay at the 3% with the budge we have, there will not be that extra $10k to go to paramedics unless there is a motion made to approve us to do that for the 2013 budget. Sandy Thoma stated that we have some new construction in the Town and that should increase somewhat.

Mary Lee Peterman stated that we cannot stay on the same budget forever, she said she is a senior citizen and she doesn't want her taxes to go up and when she was reassessed, the assessment went up only 53%. She stated that it is the facts of life, we can't keep saying that we got to keep at the same level because nothing is at the same level. Mary Lee stated that we have got to be real, we have roads that have to be kept up. Chm Blank stated that is where we have gotten behind, years ago the Town could get away with using GTA money. He stated that since petroleum has gone up so fast, we can't keep up with that inflation.

Mary Lee Peter made a motion to increase the levy overall. Stan Jones wanted to know if there was going to be any input on the increase and Chm Blank stated that the Town does have input in the fall at the budget meeting.

Caroline Bailey wanted to know how do we know without being at the budget meeting and without knowing where we are at for 2012 and how do we know that because we always budget in November and we do our levy on the taxes at that time. Chm Blank stated that is when we figure it out. Sup Nehls stated that they may either levy a dollar amount or set a tax rate. Caroline asked what Statue. Sup Nehls stated that it was in the second edition handbook. Caroline stated just give her the information. Sup Nehls stated that she can get a book. Caroline asked what is the name of the book. Sup Nehls stated “Wisconsin Town Officers Handbook, second edition”. Chris Spilker said that she thinks that is just for officers. Caroline states that well Brad would be able to get one. Chm Blank stated that if you go to the trainings, they are for sale at any of the trainings. Sup Nehls stated that she got hers from Chuck.

Sup Nehls said that it is basically saying that you can levy the tax and that you can either set it at a percentage, a dollar amount or tax rate. She then read §60.011 of the State Statues. This then happens in fall.

Discussion was held on the levy.

It was stated that there was $10k borrowed last year, so we are operating more or less in the hole. Mary Lee Peterman stated that she can't see putting a specific amount on it now. She stated let's see what the budget totals are for this year, then you'll have a better idea where to go. Mary Lee stated that then the people will have a right to vote on what they want the levy to be. Sup Nehls stated that they did that last year and asked Chm Blank how well that went. Caroline stated that the people voted it down because they didn't want their taxes increased. Chm Blank stated that we will run into a problem where down the road we will be paying twice as much. Mary Lee asked if she should say a certain amount. Sup Nehls stated that you could and if you are saying this tonight and you are giving us that suggestion already, it is giving everybody a heads up that come that budget meeting, these numbers are going to be increased.

Mary Lee stated that she has been attending meetings and there are so many things you can go over on, like lawyers, if the people don't cooperate and pay up when they are supposed to. She stated that it's not the Boards fault that you have to call an attorney. Mary Lee said people say that you have to stop doing that, well you are the people we voted on to run our Township and follow the rules and if people don't want to follow the rules, you can't just look the other way and say that's okay. She said these things have to be followed. She said she didn't want to set an amount and wants to see what the board is going to do.

More discussion was held.

Mary Lee Peterman/John Haase made a motion to give the board authority to increase the budget and then be brought before the people in November and then they can decide how much of a levy. 17-Yes 6-No 1-Abstain Motion Carried.

CHANGING TO 5 A MEMBER BOARD - Kris Kohlhoff stated that at a previous meeting she brought up changing to a 5 member board and she asked for information on it and at that time she was told that the board has the right to do that, is that still the case? Chm Blank stated that they have a right to do it. He said when it's done and how it's done is how they are limited. It was asked if it has to go to a referendum and Chm Blank said no

IT SHOULD BE NOTED: At this point, the tape recorder stopped recording, unknown reason.

Kris Kohlhoff /Chuck Burkholz made a motion to go with a Five Member Board in 2014 with the Board in election next year and the new members in election in 2014. Stan Jones questioned the procedure, if it was in writing and Kris Kohlhoff stated that it is in the caucus. 20-Yes 0-No 3-Abstain. Motion Carried.

Caroline Bailey questioned how much we are going to spend on ULWR Atty fees. Sup Nehls stated that whatever it takes. It was stated several times throughout the audience, “Whatever it takes”. Caroline asked again how much are we going to spend. Mary Lee Peterman wants to know why some people are attacking the Board.

Chris Hookstead asked about the 3% over the levy and Sup Nehls explained.

Caroline Bailey asked about the Facebook page for the Town of Clyman and who authorized it. Chuck Burkholz stated that he did and he has since turned it off.

Chris Spilker wanted to know if Caroline Bailey was going to pay her bill. Caroline stated that she is not paying that bill. Sherry Haase asked what this was about. Caroline Bailey stated that Atty Griggs had no right to send her that email.

Sup Nehls then read the email sent to Caroline Bailey from Atty Griggs, dated February 15, 2012.

February 15, 2012


Caroline Bailey

Dear Ms. Bailey:

You asked me at the end of Monday night's meeting what is the legal authority for the Town of Clyman to require ULWR to be responsible for the engineering fees and legal fees associated with the alleged failure on the part of ULWR to notify regarding two different spills, a small spill in December of 2010 and a much larger spill on July 31, 2011.

Specifically, Section 13.5 of the Clyman Zoning Code requires ULWR or any other entity subject to a Conditional Use Permit to pay any other expert or consulting services deemed necessary by the Town, e.g. engineering services to ensure processing, review, and compliance with the provisions of this ordinance. Further, pursuant to the CUP itself, Section 43A.(iii) indicates that the Town may consider any and all remedies up to and including revocation . . . Of course, any and all remedies includes engineering fees and attorneys' fees, etc. . . . Moreover, Section 43E.(iv) states among other things that the Board may impose whatever remedy is appropriate. . . Obviously, this also includes among other things engineering and attorneys' fees.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Very truly yours,




Andrew R. Griggs

Caroline was sent an invoice for the charge sent to the Town for Atty Griggs time $37.50, plus a customary 4% administration fee $1.50 for a total of $39.00.

Discussion was held on this bill.

Caroline Bailey stated that she Might pay the $37.50, but she was not paying the 4% administration fee.

Caroline Bailey wants Brad's book before Friday at 4:00pm. She said it is public record and she can't do any research on the books over the weekend and Brad can't make an educated decision then. Caroline stated that Brad has a job and works for a living. Sup Nehls stated that she has a full-time job and three children and she still finds time to do her own research. Chm Blank stated that he also has a job and a business and finds time to do his own as well. Caroline stated, “I educate and Brad votes”.

Chuck Burkholz questioned about the bringing up about the Facebook page. He stated that he turned the other one off. Chuck said that he could bring up a new page that states “You know you are from Clyman if…….” Pam Antholt stated that if this page was going to be used for bashing the Board or Employees, then she is not with it. Discussion was held and Chuck stated that he would moderate the page.

ELECTION WORKERS - Pam Antholt asked if the Election Workers hourly pay be brought up to $10 for Election Workers and $11 for Chief Election Inspectors. Discussion was held. John Haase / Mary Lee Peterman made a motion to increase the hourly pay to $10 for Election Workers and $11 for Chief Election Inspectors. Motion Carried.

Chm Blank made mention that all residents burning should call the County or Eric or Dave and tell them where the fire is, their phone number and how long they will burn.

SET NEXT MEETING - April 16, 2013 @7:00pm

John Haase/Mary Lee Peterman to adjourn the meeting at 9:31pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pamela Antholt - Town Clerk