Town of Clyman Spring 2010 Newsletter

Town Hall (920) 696-3073


APRIL 2010

The Annual Meeting for the Town of Clyman was held on April 13th at the Town Hall.

There were 24 attendees. Following is a brief description of this meeting.

A full copy of the minutes can be found online @ or by contacting the Town Clerk.

Annual Financial Statement

Sandy Thoma, Town Treasurer, explained the Annual Financial Statement for 2009. This was done using Budget vs. Actual. Sandy read the report. Questions were asked about the difference in some expenses vs. what had been budgeted. It was explained that the attorney fees were under budgeted due to the conflicts between ULWR and the Town. This is still ongoing as of today.


The following donations will be made again this year.

* $200 to the boys/girls baseball teams. There has been discussion that the teams would combine into one team this year. If you know anyone interested in joining contact Isaac Downfield at 920-988-6106.
* $100 to the Senior Citizens
* $150 to help pay for Santa's visit. Santa does not accept payment for his visit but asks that each boy/girl bring in a non-perishable food item for the needy. Santa's visit is usually the first Saturday in December.
* $200 donation made for swimming lessons for area children. Lessons will be offered July 26th thru August 5th. Please contact Town Clerk if interested in signing up.

Rabies Clinic

Gentle Healer Veterinary Clinic administered Rabies vaccines in December. We hope to hold another clinic this coming December. Further publishing's will be posted later in the year.


If you have not obtained your dog license please contact the Town Clerk at 920-696-3073 or the Town Treasurer at 920-696-3076. A dog license will help avoid fees if your dog becomes lost.


The DOT will be making Hwy 26 four lanes from Cty Tk Q to Hwy 60 East starting in 2013. 6 houses will be raised or moved in the Town of Clyman along this corridor beginning this summer. A DOT map is located at the Town Hall if anyone would like to review the changes. If you have any questions regarding this project contact the Town Chairman, Dave Blank or the Town Clerk, Chris Spilker.


You are asked to contact the Dodge County Sheriff's Dept. at the non-emergency number (920) 386-4860, the Town Chairman, or the Fire Chief if you will be doing a controlled burn. The reason this is asked is because in this age of cell phones passing motorists are calling in fires/smoke seen from the highway and causing additional unnecessary expenses to the town. If you call the information as to where you will be burning it will save an unwanted Fire Call.


There will be a dumpster day May 1st from 7:30 to 11:30 at the Village Garage. A second day will be held later in the year. If you plan on dropping off appliances that contain Freon you will have to bring certification that the Freon has been removed. Tires will also be collected at a cost of $3/tire with cost being adjusted for larger tires.

Re-Valuation of Town Residents

The Town will be re-assessed this year. It is in your best interest to allow the assessor into your home. If access is not granted the assessor will only be able to guess what features your home has and there is a good chance he/she will guess incorrectly. The Assessor is Equity Appraisal. You should be receiving postcards to set up appointments in the next few months.

Town Clerk position

There was discussion about making the Clerk position an appointed/hired position. There was a motion for putting this question to referendum in September. Following are a list of reasons why this was suggested.

* If the Board were completely voted out of office the “new” Board would still have someone hired as a town employee who would be knowledgeable about the business in the town.
* The requirements of this position have evolved to being equivalent to an Executive Secretary.
* Fair pay for work required. The Clerk currently works approximately 25-40 hrs/wk and attends all meetings regarding town business.


The next Annual Meeting will be held in April 12, 2011 at 7:30 PM